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Life insurance is a NECESSITY for the modern financially responsible family in this beautiful but often harsh world we live in...

Let us help you find life insurance and related cover that is affordable yet also provides great benefits

Save up to 70% over expensive life insurance with our affordable life insurance product

Not everybody can afford traditional life insurance that can cost up to R1kpm. Our life cover offers an excellent alternative that provides necessary cover at lower cost

  • Potentially save up to R500 per month on life cover
  • Starting from as low as R120 for affordable life cover
  • Cash back every 5 years & claim payouts in 6 biz hours
  • Options for cover from R10k funeral up to R150k life
  • Inc. Emergency Medical Services, Trauma Counselling, Legal Assist, & a Personal Health Advistor

Funeral and life cover from only R110pm!

Life cover includes Emergency Medical Services, Personal Health Advisor, Funeral Assistance and Repatriation, Legal Assist and Trauma Counselling

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Why do you need life insurance?

Life is unpredictable and anything can happen. We may not want to think about it, but a serious – even fatal – illness or accident could happen to anyone at any time.

A family dealing with a tragic event should not have to suffer unnecessary stress caused by unexpected costs and the  burden of sudden loss of income. Life insurance is there to protect your loved ones and ensure that they are looked after financially if you die or can no longer earn an income.

Funeral cover is a lump sum of money paid to your chosen individual to cover your funeral expenses if you pass away. Funeral cover can cover an individual or an entire family as well as extended family members, as required. Depending on your needs, the level of funeral cover you want is up to you and your individual situation. Premiums can be calculated on age as well as the chosen level of cover and payout you require.

"Our recommended life cover provider offers affordable life & funeral insurance products for the South African market. They provide a range of funeral plans and related life insurance products through a large network of service providers catering for a large range of people with different financial and health needs." Director
  • Only 7 months waiting period for natural death and NO waiting period for accidental death
  • A single call to the emergency number results in immediate action should you need help at any time
  • Legal assistance is also provided should you need it
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