Bulletproof your medical aid & health insurance strategy by obtaining affordable life insurance quotes to compare

As you may be aware, there are many areas related to health insurance that medical aid does not properly cover leaving many holes in your health insurance risk management plan

In addition to covering yourself against daily medical expenses as well as hospital cover, it is critical that you insure yourself against other risks such as loss of income due to a disability or a dread disease, maternity benefits and accidental death.

These risks not only effect yourself but your loved ones and family as well. To properly cover yourself against these additional risks and gain complete health insurance piece of mind, you should investigate affordable life insurance to complement your medical aid policy.

Why our products will work for you…

  • Our products can be designed in a myriad of ways so that it feels like it is made just for you.
  • You choose what suits your needs – a limit period of 10 – 20 years for your children, or a whole life policy that providers cover for a unlimited period.
  • There is no waiting period, which means you are covered from inception of policy.
  • Whole life insurance covers people who are HIV positive.
  • Basic cover pays out between R50,000 to R200,000 life cover to beneficiaries of their choice, and R25,000 funeral benefit.
  • Elevated cover pays out between R200,000 to 10 million to beneficiaries of their choice, and R50,000 funeral benefit
  • Monthly installment from as low as R145 for a 1 million rand life cover
  • You can increase your life cover, as well as up to 10 beneficiaries can be paid out from your life policy.
  • There are many more benefits under each specific cover you choose. All unique to your needs!

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Why Life Insurance? Because it creates what we all need, Peace of Mind!

Life insurance provides financial security for your family when you die. It protects your income if you become disabled. It provides for additional expenses if you become impaired or critically ill.

And, if you are with us, through the products we offer you it protects you against the risk of living too long.

Ultimately, life insurance is about peace of mind.

The needs you typically address include:

  • Providing for your family and paying off debt if you die.
  • Protecting your income and paying off debt if you become disabled.
  • Providing for medical expenses and lifestyle adjustments if you become critically ill.
  • Providing for long-term nursing care if you become impaired.
  • Providing for a long but expensive life with a disability or critical illness.

Enjoy life to the full, but always be prepared!!

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